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课后网登录中心_百度搜索 got a PageSpeed Score of 96 (out of 100).

  • 课后网登录中心_百度搜索

Avoid landing page redirects

    Your page has no redirects. Learn more about avoiding landing page redirects.

Enable compression

    You have compression enabled. Learn more about enabling compression.

Leverage browser caching

    You have enabled browser caching. Learn more about browser caching recommendations.

Reduce server response time

    Your server responded quickly. Learn more about server response time optimization.

Minify CSS

    Your CSS is minified. Learn more about minifying CSS.

Minify HTML

    Your HTML is minified. Learn more about minifying HTML.

Minify JavaScript

    Your JavaScript content is minified. Learn more about minifying JavaScript.

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

    You have no render-blocking resources. Learn more about removing render-blocking resources.

Optimize images

    Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data.

      Optimize the following images to reduce their size by (8.5KiB reduction).

      Compressing and resizing could save 3.4KiB (89% reduction).

      Compressing could save 2.4KiB (39% reduction).

      Compressing could save 907B (82% reduction).

      Compressing could save 859B (49% reduction).

      Compressing,548107538&fm=85&s=8BA7572246025F5748B69141030030B9 could save 837B (19% reduction).

      Compressing could save 160B (25% reduction).

Prioritize visible content

    Your page requires additional network round trips to render the above-the-fold content. For best performance, reduce the amount of HTML needed to render above-the-fold content.

      60.8KiB of the HTML response was required to render the above-the-fold content. This requires 3 network round-trips. Prioritize the above-the-fold content so that it can be rendered with only the first round-trips' worth of HTML.

      Only about 18% of the final above-the-fold content could be rendered with the HTML delivered within 2 round-trips.

      Click to see the screenshot with 2 round trips: snapshot:2

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